August 5th, 2003

I'll hide from you...

First off..

CONGRADUALTIONS JEFFY!! for getting a job right away selling cars. I hope you are able to do all the things that you want to now :).

Yeah last night I was pretty jaded I guess. I have been lately. But I feel alot better now, I made an appt. to get my car a new engine, I am waiting to be approved for a loan and then I go take my baby in to get fixed. It's only gonna cost about $2500.00 which is'nt bad for a car that needs a V8 5.0 long-block engine.

So I am VERY happy about that. Yesterday after work I went home and cleaned for awhile, then at like 10:00 I decided to take the bus to Brady street and walk around for while, I visited Carrie at work and then went over to Angela/Carrie's house for awhile, Angela was'nt there but Carrie, Bryson and Rob were so I chilled with them for awhile and I had fun talking to them, I did'nt want to leave at 11, but I had to because I had to get back to Walgreens so Carrie and I could go to Shawn's little party for awhile. I ate cheese and watermelon and it was damn good. I wanted cake though, I did'nt get any cake :(.

I am calling Sara today at work from my work to see what she wants to do for food, I have these coupons for Quiznos subs that I think we could use, if you buy a regular soda and chips, you get a free sub with it.

I'm looking at the birthday's on the right hand corner and it looks like Joe-Joe's birthday is the day my loan payment is due. Ha ha....I already payed it 'yo. CASH MONEY! yeeaahh

Anyhoo, it looks like I will be working hardcore starting August 28 full time and being paid over time for it! woo hoo! that rocks tha cock dude.

Man, I can't wait till I get my car running imma pimp it out.
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I'll hide from you...

I like my job...

It's good today, I got to design a new floor plan page for my boss for our Eisner building and it was cool workig with the light table, I gotta get one of those. I also love working on all the big ass copiers we have here, there's like 20 of 'em and they can do the coolest shit. I had to crop and enlarge these floor plans and then go and make a new page by cutting and pasting by hand, it was cool. You can't even tell that I cut the paper on the new page. Hee hee

I have been listening to the CD John made me lately, that Wumpscut one....oh man, it rocks ass! it's all whispery and evil sounding, I love all those songs. He REALLY knows what I like. Don't ya John? and where is my Razed dude? gimme now or I swallow yer soul.

I think I should call Sara now, I don't know if Jeffy will come with us tonight or what, I'll ask him when he gets off work.

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