August 8th, 2003

I'll hide from you...

Car + computer = good

So, I will be hanging out with Tyler all day today and were gonna start my car hopefully, if not the company that will fix my car said they would come and get it. I'm taking Lincoln to Maynards in Greenfield.

So Pat came over yesterday after I got home from work and took me to get my computer put together, then we went to Conejitos and got food, it was some good shit. I had so much fun talking to him, we were being crazy in the computer store, I was hugging all the merchandise and Pat would just laugh at me. I like to be naughty for the MPC guys, they know me in there....they go "Oh god, there she is - the crazy one". MMMuuahhaha. That's 'cause I molest all the pimped out computers in there. heh heh.

I am happy that I am getting everything underway here, I am getting something accomplished, yeay fer me.

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I'll hide from you...

Iiiiiii'm commin' out...

So you better get this party started!!! *dances*

OOOOO I love this song. Pat should download it and play it at club.

I see that Meg, Nate AND Angela have the same birthday. Awwe that's cute.

I only met one person that had my birthday, her name is Mayna and she went to my highschool. On my birthday, I think of her's weird 'cause I never really knew her very well and I still think of her on that day, I wonder what she's doing to celebrate :).

So Tyler and Carrie and I are gonna put together a cook out today, I don't know where though. We are bored so we're tryin' to think of stuff.
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