August 13th, 2003

I'll hide from you...

I take a breathe you into me..

Aaaaahhh, Razed In Black. Yes, I got it from John Verbos. Tee hee. He got the new CD off the internet and he's going to give me the other disk tonight at club.

So I'm getting my CD collection car-ready. That means I have to have burned copies of all the CD's I want to listen to on my car. I will have that done by friday. Most of them are going to be the ones John and Pat made for me and a couple from Sara too. I think I only have one from Jeffy. It's already lookin' pretty good. Heh heh...

So last night I went shopping with my grandparents and they took me out to dinner and shopping, I got two new shirts, an awesome skirt from Ralph Lauren and a pair of new creme colored high heels. I needed some light colored shoes for when I get in one of my white moods. It was a good time. I also got CASH MONEY from my mom, she and my step-dad gave me $150.00 bucks. Rock.

Later that night Carrie and I went to visit John at his house and pick up Joshy, it was cool to listen to some of the new music they are working on, so far it sounds pretty good. We were dancing like goons in John's room 'cause we rule.

I talked to Sara yesterday and she said that we should go out to dinner tonight before club, so that's probly what will happen, I will contact Jeffy too.

Well, I suppose I should go down to the registration office and get my staff ID picture taken. I gotta do that before Harley fest or my boss will kill me. I should go to the bank and deposit my checks after work too...

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I'll hide from you...

This CD just kicks...

I can't stop listening to it. *dances*

" do do!" LOL.

So I got ahold of MSI finally, and they told me to go to their website and fill out a form so I can send my TWO retarded motherboards back. I have TWO , count them TWO motherboards that were not working from the beginning. When I went to MPC they had thwm both on their test stations and they said neither would recieve any power. THAT is extrememly rare and I think SOMEONE is trying to screw me over. If I get those motherboards back from MSI and find out that they both are in good working condition, I am going to sue MPC for all the money I paid them, the cost of the boards AND a little extra. I have a free lawyer whom is my uncle Phil, I don't even have to pay court fees, so I am set.

Now I should get two working motherboards back from them. One I will give to Jeffy to do whatever he wants with and the other I will have installed in my case. I feel like busting someone, so I hope I find out that it was MPC. Just 'cause they can be dicks sometimes.

I have been a little down lately, contrary to everyone's beliefs probly. I hide it well sometimes.

I found somethin' out.

Hmmm.... I gotta order some stuff for my department...let's see, I already got the smoke detectors, I need to call the city for two permits and then call our accounting dept. to cut a check for city hall. Sounds like a lot of phone.

DUDE I need some more LOOT for tonight. I do.

Succumb to the loot
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