August 19th, 2003

I'll hide from you...


I got Lincoln!!! yesterday after work I had my grandpa pick me up and take me to get my car, the Maynards guy said that my engine is was taken out of a Cougar and it's only five years old! they even washed it and shined my Lincoln up :). I was so happy to see him again, Looking like new. I love my Lincoln.

So I drove around all day, I went to the bank and then home for awhile, then drove to Alli's house to drop off my order, I hope it was'nt too late to giver it to her :).

Heh, the only thing that sucks about having Lincoln is the gas money. And he's not registered anymore, I never renewed my plates. Ah well, I'll do that sometime in the future. It's 60 bucks though. balls ta that. That's what I get for having personalized plates.

They read: STAYWME, cute huh?

There's a car around the way with plates that say "I STY AWY" Ya know, I stay away and stay with me? I thought that was funny. I was gonna park next to it and take a picture, but the car's for sale now and it will probly be gone before I get any film.

So now I can drive MYSELF to club along with everywhere else, I'm gonna need directions though, especially to Pat and Sara house, the "Non-freeway" directions :). Muuhaha

Today I want to do SOMETHING, after getting my computer from MPC, I should call people. I call my Sara. MMmmmm Hmmmm :)

It was PIMP listening to my Razed CD and all my other John and Pat made CD's in my car....awwwwee yeeeeaaaa....all I need is some gin and juice and I'm set. Rather Vodka, actually.
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I'll hide from you...


Daniel came over yesterday. It was kind of awkward, I mean I have'nt seen him in two months. He gave me a really beautiful birthday present though, it's a statue of two people in a lyrical, standing embrace. It has a very fluid sense of movement, an excellent piece. I was very pleased.

I think I was a little disappointed that he did'nt say anything regarding our relationship, there was no real evidence that he would miss me at all. So I could not help feeling slighted.

I watched him drive away, down the road....the car getting smaller as it crawled further away from me, he turned right. And then, he was just gone. Like that. And that's what it felt like.

I think the statue is a symbol of what we once were, at least, that's what I take it as. I am going to miss him.

I just hope he remembers me.
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