August 20th, 2003

I'll hide from you...

I let the staaaaars witness my honestyyyyy...

Yesterday I went to get my computer from MPC and I told the guy that people think I'm being screwed over by them, that they fried my board on purpose just so I would come back to them to have it fixed. Jason, the tech who always helps me said, "Bring 'em in here, we'll see about that". He actually did NOT charge me for anything that day, I was so happy. "Well, I charged you last time" said Jason. He even carried my case to my car for me! Awwweee, that was so cute :).

Man it was a bitch getting out of that little-ass parking lot.

To prove that I officially suck ass at east side driving, during my attempts to master my excavation for MPC via the one-way street Farewell, I turned down some street and realized I was going down another ONE-WAY the WRONG way! "Oh shit." I said calmly and turned down my blasting music, "I'm going the wrong way". I thought about going backwards to the street I came from, but that would be gayness. A brand new platinum Nissan popped out turing left from behind the cars that were parked on the right side of the street about 10 feet in front of me, he saw me, but did'nt even honk, I graciously swerved to the right for him. He did'nt seem to care. Thank god there was room for both of us, if I were any closer though, he would have smashed right into me, head-on.

Well, next time I will remember how to get onto Farewell without having to go through a thousand one-way streets.

When I got home I chilled with Carrie and Nicky a little bit, but Nick had to go to work (He's a security gaurd now) so Carrie and I just talked for awhile. Jeffy called and wanted to go to Chi-Chi's with me, I said that was cool and asked if Pat and Sara could go to, he said that was ok. So I called those two and told them what was up. I drove to Jeffy's to meet up with everyone. We had a pretty good time, Sara and Jeffy had margarita's and we all got food. I took most of mine home, of course. I think Chi-Chi's is too expensive for food, I mean, shit you get better food for $4 at Conejito's. For margaritas though, it's a good deal.

Personally, I prefer the La Fuente margaritas, they rock ass, you can get these multi-colored ones there, called "Rainbow margaritas" and they kick yer ass, they make 'em real strong, I could not even finish mine! I was wasted after like only half of the drink. I love those things, you can see the strips of color, white, red and blue. I always mix mine up so it looks like a graveyard slushy. It turns purple :).

Tonight I am going to club and I told Jose to be there, so he better be. Imma call him to see if he wants to hang out before that though.

Sara, remind Pat to bring the SONG tonight, ya know the one we keep talking about? I forgot the name though.

I looove Lincoln. Forget marring a person, imma marry my car :).
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I'll hide from you...

Someone help me here....

well, I have a paid account now, for a little bit, just to see what I can do with it.

I need help on deciding how I want it to look, I want to modify my layout and make it look REALLY cool. I know what colors I want and I think I know basically what type of style I want. But I absolutely suck BALLS at HTML.

For christ sakes, I can't even tag anything right.

For some reason this coding thing is something I cannot grasp without constant tutoring. I realized that I just can't sit down and read a book about it and then be able to do it. I cannot learn that way with computers. I have to have someone next to me, explaining it and showing me examples. I am a completely VISUAL learner when it comes to any area dealing with math or computer science, I have to physically SEE someone else do this stuff before I can do it myself. Then, they have to watch me do it and tell me if it's right.

When I ask for help people tell me to get books, and though they WILL aid me for referance, they cannot really guide me because I ask alot of questions that books usually don't have the answer to.

I am going to need someone who has the time to do it though, because I know it is going to take a long time to do all the cutomizations.

The only people I know that are either execptional or pretty good in this area are Jeffy, John Verbos, Logan and Pat and Sara.

One of you guys gotta help me!!
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