August 22nd, 2003

I'll hide from you...

I need gas..

Seriously, I'm almost on E, I really need some FUEL.

Anyway, I did not end up going to Michelle's birthday party, I wanted too, but I did'nt have her number OR address and no one I asked about it got back to me really. Sorry Michelle, but happy birthday anyway :).

When I got home yesterday, I hung out with Carrie for a little while and she wanted to get the hell out of the 90 degree house and go to Josh's moms house, where there was A/C. So we went there and hung out with Josh and his brother Travis.

I had a blast, we drove to Ray and Dot's and then Travis wanted to show me where he worked so I went with him to Hadley's and he bought me a Hurricane. That was my first one ever and I LOVED it. We talked for a long time and I had so much fun, I never really got to talk to just him before and it was pretty cool. Carrie and Josh showed up later after their game of pool was over at the other bar. By the time I was done with my drink, we had gone through about 50 Trivial Pursuit questions and a whole basket of Gardettos. I was pretty faded... Drunken Trivial Pursuit. G00d times.

Yes, this Hadley's has little thingys on the all the tables holding a bunch of trivia cards so you can pass the time while you wait for yer food. We made good use of those, Carrie kept asking the questions and Travis, Josh and I would say shit that does'nt even make sense. Travis kept saying "Bill Gates!" and I would go "Modonna?" Josh kept saying "Tacos!" LOL. Those are good answers when you get questions about history that you would never know the answer to unless you have been teaching history at a college for ten years.

One time, Travis's answer of Bill Gates, was right!!

People want to drive my car lately, I would let them if they put some gas in :).

Someone drive my car and give me free gas!!

I wonder if meg is having a birthday party again this year, I went to the one she had last year and it was a damn cool party. It was at John's house. John's parties are always fun for me, I don't know what it is. The REALLY good music is one contributing factor I think and I meet alot of cool people too.

I'm excited for Holloween, last year I did'nt get to go to club for their little party, I wanna go this year though. And someone better go to haunted houses with me this year!! no one EVER wantes to go because they don't want to stand in line in the cold. Too bad, yer goin'. Alla yous!

I know Sara will go with me and Carrie too.

Imma go downstairs and get some tea now.
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I'll hide from you...


My mother passed away in 1978 from breast cancer, my father
in 1997 from a stroke. When I found two lumps close to my
armpit, I went for a mammogram, then an ultrasound, and finally
a biopsy. Upon entering the room for the test and sitting in
the chair, the thermostat cover flew off the wall behind me
and landed on the floor between me and the technician. I
laughed and said, "We'll take this as a good sign." She said
that had never happened before. Needless to say my biopsy was
negative. My nephew was told he had an irrepairable brain
condition and a few months to live. One night while praying,
he looked toward the couch and saw my father sitting on it.
He smiled and disappeared, and so did my nephew's problem. The
doctors can't explain it, but we can.

~ G.H.
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