August 25th, 2003

I'll hide from you...

Weekend Post

Friday: I decided NOT to go anywhere this day, it was DAMN hot and I was toooo lazyyy. Carrie and Nicky and Josh Singleton were over so I hung out with them instead of going to Planet like I was going to.

Saturday: I did wash in the morning, paid a credit card bill, etc. Jose called and I talked to him for a looooong time on the phone, then I watched Legend and Jose came to pick me up and we went and saw the movie "Swimming Pool" I loved it, I was very impressed by the ideas and the way the film progressed. Jose liked it more whne it got towards hat end because he thought it started out a little slow. After the movie we went to club and I saw my Sara and introduced her to my sexy latino boy. Heh, by the end of the night we were gettin' a little randy, if you will. He goes "I'm having a hard time wating to see of your songs will be played" so, needless to say, we went home. The rest I'll leave up to your imaginations ;).

Sunday: I drove to Walgreens to visit Carrie and got my perscription filled, it was only $25 so that's good. I was put on these pills for people who get constant bladder infections, they're huge white pills and they have two names, both of which I have never heard of before. Imma look 'em up on line to see what they do exactly.

Today I am working 'till 5, then I should go to the bank to get my rent out so Carrie can send it out right away. Exciting huh?

Tomarrow I go to get drinks with Sara, Pat and Jeffy, then I get to go to Sara's house to work on my LJ layout.

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I'll hide from you...


That's the name of my new UTI drug. How these things are huge! 800/160 Tabs.

I think I may choke on them damn things.

I looked the name up online and it says that this drug is usually used for AIDS patients because it prevents PCP from forming, which is some condition that resides in the lungs, I think it's a bacterial infection that is along the lines of Pnemonia.

Yeah - not the kind of pills I WANTED, but that's ok, maybe next time.
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I'll hide from you...

So who's on Paxil?

I know TONS of people on Paxil...does it work well for ya?

No, I don't need it, I'm studying the effects because I am interested in why so many take it.

I love to read up on popular or "mainstream" drugs.

Where is a good drug site where I can just type in the name of a drug and get MAD info. on it?

Someone's gotta know.