October 7th, 2003

I'll hide from you...

Movies, movies...

I got new free movie passes to go see "Kilometer 0" directed by Juan Luis Iborra and Yolanda Garcia Serrano at 7:30 at the Oriental for tomarrow, which Jose will be comming with me to see. I also have two passes for "Casa De Los Babys" directed by John Sayles that will be playing at the Downer Thursday at 7:30. I need to find someone that can go with me for that one, I was thinking either Sara or Talleah maybe. I don't know, what'cha got goin' on there Saralicious for Thursday?

Tonight I am going to that special screening/presentation for the Clamor magazine at the Eisner. And it better be titilating...muaahaha

I am also going to a gallery night October 25th, woohoo...free parking!!!

Anyway.....beautiful day outside! I must say :) I will leave work early just because I feel like it, I wanna drive with my moonroof open a couple times before the real cold comes in.

Vroom vroom
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