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Hypnoyize me........ with the longest stare.............

Well my night was good, except for the fact that my friend Talleah could not make it to club last night damn it!!!! AND my other friend Mandy, who was supposed to come down from Campbellsport got in an accident on the way to get our friend James. She is ok, but the fact that she rolled the car twice stirred her up a bit. The car is totalled.........hmmmm sooooo I guess she won't be comming down here for a while huh? I'll probly go up and see her then I think. Other than that....Jeffy came over at about 7:30 with our friend Hobbes and Jeffy locked the damn keys in the car so we had to call AAA and they came over and Slimmmmy Jimmmmyy'd the door open. That was fast. Then we went to Hobbes's house and chilled w/ Carrie and this girl Brenda for awhile, I like it over there, it's always so damn comfortable....and I looove thier cat....she's so fluffy and cute :). Dammit Hobbes lemme have yer cat!!!! anyhoo....after watching some gay ass B movies we went to club and Carrie and Erin and Joshy and Josh were already there. After a while Parker and Bittny showed up, but they left soon after and came back later in the night. I had a damn good time dancing. Dan showed up later on and I was happy about that, cause I thought he was not going to show up actually. I think my friends like him, he's cool because he deos not try to impress anyone, after club I had him come with us to Webbs and he was comfortable with everyone, I have to say I was impressed. Most people are a little wierded out by my groups of friends. Rock tha cock yo'. So yeah, I think tonight imma stay home and rearrange my house.
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