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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]

Well I found out some intersting news today about some people thinking I am saying negative things about them, well it's not true and I hope that this person understands that there was a huge misunderstanding wether it be intentional or not. I know I will not be talking to a certain person who goes to my school anymore, I just found out I can not trust her. I don't like it when people feel the need to spread rumors, or even say somethingto someone else if they don't know the context of the words of the person they hear it from. SOmetimes....things just get mixed up. It's ok though, I am not mad at anyone and I never hate, nor do I use names when I write in this journal about others. I really appreciate it when others do the same :). At the moment I am very disappointed in many people right now and it makes me sad to think about it. But I know soon that this too shall pass. Yesterday was fun, I went to Jeffys right from work at like 6 and got ther at 7PM. I had to go to the bank so I took Jeffys car and went to Pick n'slave and then got Jeffy some gas with his four dollars!! heh heh. we went to Spike and MIke's thing and it was ok....but could have been wayyy better. We went to Johnny V's afterwards and I had sooo much fun there, I saw lots of people, I swear everyone goes there. Today, Jeffy woke me up at 2:30PM to tell me he wanted to come over n' shit, so I got up and took a shower and then he showed up with Nate and we took off to Angelas, got her and went to Best Buy to get my new stereo!!!! yeaaaaaayyyy!! I got a real nice designer style stereo, and it kicks dude.......it was expensive but well worth it. Then after Best Buy we went to Value Village and I saw my old friend Vallerie...god it's been two years and she still looks the same.....everything but the blonde hair. So we went to that chinese IQ Buffet place after that and it was soo good mmmmmmmm chinese sea food :). We dropped Angela and Nate off at Angelas house and than Jeffy and I went to my house and Jeffy put together my stereo for me, we listened to the MSOE station for awhile and went to club, it was borring at first cause I was waiting for Pat to get up there, and when he did he played my request first!!! wooo hoooo!! rock it!!! all thanx to the lovely lostvirtue :). Yoooou rock. I think I danced five songs in a row and seduced the speakers.....don't you just wanna fuck the music sometimes??? damn. Anyhoo.....I'm home now, talking to Nick on AIM, I treid to talk to Mike, but he won't and that's ok :) sorry hun. Dan will be calling tomarrow at about 8 so I think imma stay home so I can get that call. Laterzzz

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Paint The Sky With Stars

Yes, I do wish I could fuck the music sometimes. In a way I feel like my mind is engaged in a sexual way with music at times, all wrapped together inside the music n' stuff. (deep) I feel like a lot of my stress, anger, happiness, energy... can be expressed or relieved through listening to music and/or dancing, rather than hitting walls, or people, it's healthy. PANZER MENSCH heh, I think that's why I like industrial.

I danced to like 8 songs in a row last night and I wanted to keep dancing (continous good music) but it was a toss up between 1) wanting to drink, 2) wanting to talk to people, 3) really missing my jump boots, damn the "fuck me" boots, DAMN THEM 4) wanting to dance. Eventually one of the others had to win out.

Pat likes ya (and so do I) and wants to hang out some time.... so uh yeah, we should talk more n' stuff, I know I'm usually off in some corner at the club talking to people(when I'm not on the dance floor), and sometimes I'm anti-social. We are going to start having people over here more often fairly soon. Unfortunately our little space kinda caters to two people nicely, we have to rearrange some stuff, add more chairs and such. We have only had a few people over here so far, we're hermits.

Regarding trust, I wish there were more people worthy of such a thing. I found a good quote regarding trust -

"Follow the habit of asking, "How do you know?" Never accept opinions as facts. Avoid following free advice. Don't trust information given in a discourteous or slanderous spirit. In asking for information, do not disclose what you wish the information to be."

Good communiation can definately help on the trust issuse, I've been screwed over by enough people, will probably be screwed over by more, but I can't stop trusting. Even though I want to, at times. What is love and friendship, without trust, anyway? But that doesn't mean you can't question people or have doubts, or that you have to automatically trust people. Trust is something that develops over time, and it is especially painful when trust of this nature is breached.

Gees, are all my posts gonna be this long? I certainly hope not.

Re: Paint The Sky With Stars

Hell yeah, we should hang out sometime, I like you guys too :), man, you say your place is small, come see mine!!! it's like the size of two master bedrooms put together :). It's just me in that place now, but I am having a roomate move in April 1st. Then I will have a kitty and pufer fish :) and we all love puffer fish!! Are you gonna be at club on Wed.? if so I'll see you then :).

I wasn't talking to you because I wasn't sitting here. I forgot to turn on my away meesage