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Everythings to slow for you......

Well I think I may have some of my missunderstandings cleared up, hopefully. I love the people they include so that's a good sign. There is one thing I still really have not gotten figured out, but it's to the point where I really don't care anymore so I'm not all that worried about it, cause it's been goin' on for like weeks now. I'm not one to stay mad at anyone anyhoo, life's just too short for that I think. I talked to Dan last night for quite a while...three hours actually, I think I'm beginning to feel a lot more comfortable with him now, and I would actually like to spend more time with him......the only thing that sucks is he lives so far away, in Madison, I like it there tho, I would actually probably want to be there more than here sometimes. They have really good shops up there and restaurants too. I could take some awesome pictures there too. I wonder what he thinks of me, I'm just too afariad to ask him. Heh, that is damn rare for me cause I usually tell people right away what I am thinking. Maybe it's best not to spoil the surprise sometimes. far I am happy with the new arrangment of my room, my computer is in here now, right above my stereo...yay!! SO tonight...hey should come to Monday night coffe too....8:00 @Fuel cafe...yup...I like fissies!!! they cute!!
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