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Damn, I swear there must be something in the water lately, EVERYONE is sooo touchy!!! Touchy, touchy...tsk tsk. Anyway, I have much more important things to worry about, like when Dan is gonna visit! yeay! he's comming down here on Sunday and I can't wait to show him my house n' stuff, I wanna take him to my favorite sandwitch place, a real posh, classy place called "Sauce" it's in the third ward, real close to my work. The food there is exquisite and the atmosphere is comfortable. I must say I am quite excited for Sunday :).

Well, last night I had fun, man did Pat play goood ass music...Pat is my favorite DEEEEJJJAAYYYY!!! weeeeeee!!!! lol. anyway, I saw John and Josh, two people I have not seen in awhile, Angela came with us too!! yeah girl you sooo sexyyy!! I want yer shoes! haha. Yeah, we had fun....after I danced my ass off, we all went to Johnny V's and I drove w/ Johnny V. haha. I was happy that Josh Singleton was there too!! yeay, hopefully when I get my car, we will hang out more. yeah, after I ate both Jhons and Josh's fries, we all left. I went home w/ John cause I decided that it was too cold to wait for the bus int eh morning, I mean....4 below? fuck that.

Kyle just came to pick up his mattresses, now I can go get new ones yyeayy!! My journal looks different ey? thank John for that, it was his idea. He showed me some cool ass music last night (no surprise there) but it was significant because it was music he and Nick were working on, very interesting, I am excited to hear what will come of this :). Damn I'm cold.
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