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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
She never sleeps.......

Last night I sooo could not sleep, since Kyle came and got his mattresses, I have no bed, so I must sleep on my little ass couch in the living room. I will, however, be getting new mattresses Saturday morning, so I will only have to deal with the rather uncomfortable couch until then. Yeay to that.

I am at work right now, on my break, which I so conviniently placed ever so close to my lunch time heh heh >:). I'm glad my boss was not to angry about yesterday, when I came in this morning, I was like "Hi Mike" and he was like "Wuss" w/ a smile....heh, I love my boss. I hope I get to stay here for awhile, because I am really getting used to Mike's leniency, he really could care less if I take a day off, or even a couple days off, as long as I call in and do my work when I AM here. Which, of course, I do.

I am wondering what it is that I should do today, I think it's to cold to take the bus anywhere, so I really don't know if I will be doing anything, I'm not going to freak show because they are showing that Spike N' Mikes thing again, and to tell the truth I was not all that impressed. I was going to take my car in, but I decided that the cold will be to much for Lincoln and I should at least wait for a 30 degree day. I think I will be waiting for awhile.

I have decided that I will weed out all the people whom I really don't need in my life from my LJ list and my AIM list, there are just some that I am sick of and some that really don't care anyway, so why have them on there?. Lately I have found that I and a few friends I used to hang out with are just not compatible enough to stay friends. We have very different lives and have almost completely different lifestyles, so I find it only fitting. I still like them as people and all, and I will never be mean to them when I see them or anything, but I will not try to make plans or hang out with them anymore. That's just the way it is sometimes.

I talked to my other best friend Talleah last night, we had one of the longest conversation we have had in a long time, which was over all quite amusing, since she had a lot to say about naked people :). Don't ask. Anyhoo, I think I have just found what I want to do today, I could go over to her house instead of going home and then I could spend the night over there like I used to like every weekend when we were kids. Then from there I can call Jeffy, since I will be close to him, and see what he's doing also. OK, cool.....I must make phone calls to confirm my plans.

Emotion: discontentdiscontent
Serenading me....: The scanner across the room from me

Come join us we love you.. x_suicide_x

aww...girly! dont leave me! i love you!

Not you hun.......I won't leave you!!! I loooove you too!! weeeee!!!