Chrystal Ann Kaminski (surrealkiller) wrote,
Chrystal Ann Kaminski

The choice is mine and mine alone...

All I want to do is remove people from me for awhile that have hurt me recently or whom I do not talk to ever. I see no point in that, but what really continues to boggle my mind is that some people just do not understand that if I remove them from me for awhile, it does not mean I hate them, or will never talk to them again. I merely choose to do that once in a while to stand back and look at the picture from a differrent angle for a bit. It does not mean it will be like that forever.

I have heard that some have chosen to do very childish things lately, like name calling and think that because they are not on my list anymore, that I do not know exactly what is going on. Well, don't forget that you have many friends that will rather die than refrain from holding the ever so present "Guess what I heard?" phrase from slipping off thier tongues. It saddens me to hear such talk about me, since I was reacting to something that hurt me and I get bitched about in return. How can someone damn another because of a simple choice they have made? I AM sorry if it hurt, but I really do think it was in my best interest at this time.

Even though you may not agree, it was my choice, whether it is accepted by you or not. I was hounded by your words, not your person, I loathed even reading any of your entries after the first week of what seemed like continuous attempts to blame me in some way. The tainted word slithered through the twisted wires of the internet and out of gossip-happy mouths and I decided that I wanted not to be part of this vicious cycle anymore. SO I ended it. One CAN understand what happens when all you hear are negative things form another about you, though you had not a single clue as to why this all came about? Obviously, there is quite a caldron of confusion going on here and I choose NOT to keep it boiling.
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