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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
Wish...I could fake it like you do....

Well, well, well...now where do I start? this week has proven to be very eventful. On Friday there were these plants, in the mail room at work in a box that said "free plants" I felt bad for them, so I decided to give one a home :). I thought of what it would be like if I were in a box and it said "free Chrystal".....I would want someone to take me home to. Hmmmm.... when I got home I went on my computer right away and then I left for Jeffys an hour later, we then went to Kaleighs, where I had an awesome time, I think that must have been the most fun I have ever had at her house, we picked up Hobbes & Carrie and watched "Minority report" which we rented w/ my free movie rental tickets. Kaleigh, Jeffy and I ate stuffed crust pizza, compliments of Kaleigh :). MMMM mmmmm good.

On Saturday Jeffy picked me up and we went to Kaleighs for a bit, everybody was leaving tho, to go to this underage club called "Fantasia" so we went to Planet and it was soooo dead, so Jeffy and I decided to go "Scouting" for people, as he puts it, we basically walked around in the freezing cold going into different coffe shops and trying to inform people about Planet on Saturdays. We were not as successful as planned, but lots of people showed up to the club later on, so I guess it really deos not matter. The only thing that sucked about the people that came is the fact that they were all water street types, and the dj had to play to the crowd. I looked at the people dancing and thought about what songs I liked that would fit the crowd AND be mixed well together so Ron could play them back to back, I decided on Dirty Vegas "Days go by" and "Around the world". I was happy to see that he played both, one right after the other, Yeay! that rocked, I danced more than I thought I would. After Planet Jeffy, Brandie and her fiance went to Johnny V's and then I was dropped off at like 3:30.

Sunday afternoon, I was woken up by Dan calling me, he was like "I'm a few blocks away from your house" it was like 1:30 PM and I just woke up, I thought he was going to call way before he came down from his friends house in Oconomowoc. But he did'nt so I had to get up and scurry around trying to get ready in like 10 minutes, which I had no problem doing, cause my hair was easy to manage. When he got there we went to Tri-Titty bank and then to my favorite antique store, which is three floors of antiques. We spend almost all day in there, I needed some skeleton keys for my bedroom door, so I got like four of them. After that we went to Pizza Man for dinner, and oh my god...I tell you, this was one of the best places I have been to for dinner. The wine was excellent, and the tortellini was great, this place is very upper class, I will most likely go there again. We went to Fuel afterwards and I met up with Meggy, Josha, Jeffy and Bitny! I had two steamers, they were called "Honey Habits" and they were damn good. Our little group left and Dan and I talked a bit about politics until Joey and Rikki came and sat by us.....I laughed so hard........oh my god Joey, you crack me up! Dan thought she was quite amusing too :). At closing time, everybody decided to go to my house to watch a movie, so it was Canton & Laura, Joey, Rikki, Dan and I, we watched Twister and made fun of the movie the whole time. Weeee....my weekend was soo cool. Tonight, is movie night at Jeffys house, I'll probly go there after work today.

Emotion: calmcalm

Pizza Man.

I wouldn't exactly call it upscale cause I feel fine there in my jeans, it does have very tasty upscale food, however. Not so many selections for us vegetables, but still decent especially for restaurants in Wisconsin, also they have artichoke hearts as an option for pizzas, yum yum. Also, they have ANOTHER special wine list (um, can I see the OTHER wine list please?) for those of us who feel like spending obnoxious quanities of money on wine. Pizza Man was rated as the best place for wine in Milwaukee, strange but true. (By "WINE Spectator", the spectator for snotty people) One of my friends (the one who actually told me all I know about wine, which is still not all that much) knows the owner... so I used to go there on a fairly regular basis. (That friend no longer lives in Wisconsin) Pat and I went there about a month ago.

That whole little block is the my favorite place to eat, its right by Beans and Barley (the greastest veggie restaurant in milwaukee, besides for thai or other asian food) and a really cheapo burrito place that serves REALLY late. Beans and Barley has the BEST breakfast food, perfect for hangover relief. I used to live like 2 blocks from there and walked there all the time.

So, my whole point in writing this IS, if you'd ever like company I'd be more than pleased to join ya. Yeah, email is virtue@uwm.edu if you want my #. Also, I wouldn't mind starting to go to Fuel again either, so let me know. I have the strangest Fuel habit, I've been going there for 8 years. I go there like twice in 8 months and then I go there like twice a week for two months and then stop. I like going there during the day, before or after class, though cause I can get work done, reading for school, papers etc... and don't have a problem finding a seat.

Glad to hear you had a great weekend.

And sorry my entries are so damn long.


Re: The Man, PIZZA MAN

Yes, yes, that place was great, you know, I have never been to Beans and Barley, we should go sometime, that would be cool, I would like to talk to you out of the club scene some day. Yeah, I usually like going to upper class places to eat, I thought that Pizza Man was more upper crust because of the way everyone was dressed in there and the prices on the menue. I took one look and my eyes got real big.....if I was paying, I would be out like $25. The wine was like 3.50 a glass, but it was really good..mmmmm Zinfandel. Do you drink wine? I want to kind of get into bieng keen on wines and mixed drinks, and I want to know if anyone would be interested in going out and having a drink at all different places once in a while. Like a one of those wine tasters :). Hee hee. I think I'm gonna get a liqour cabinet and have a mini bar in my house. Ye-uh!