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"You can't say that you're losing me........"

Last night was awesome.....first Carrie picked Josh up and came over to my house, we chilled for awhile then went to Johnny V's for food, I got the tuna again :). We got to club at about 9:30, which was WAAAYYY early, like always, but it picked up later. I waited for some good music, so when Pat started spinning, I got up there :). I danced to Apop and VNV back to back, Unicorn and Epicentre. I talked to Sara in the bathroom for awhile and we talked about going to Beans N'Barley, she really knows a lot about food and all that healthy stuff, which I really should look into since I have been trying to eat healthier lately. Dan showed up later, which of course, is always a pleasure ;). Yeah, I had fun.

At the end of the night Pat found this CD, it was VNV Nation (forgot the title) and it's black, he asked people if it was thiers and no one claimed it, I kept saying it was mine and finally he gave it to me, cause I would not stop asking. He was like "Here! take it, I already have it" I was like WOOOOOOO hooooo! muther fucker! I rock.....I played it right when I got home and was happy to hear that the first song is my most favorite song right now :) Epicentre. I let it play in my stereo while I was in bed and about four songs into it, I just cried. This over whealming saddness was so present in the fourth song, and actually in many songs on that album, I thought "Why is this so sad?". It was the most beautiful album I have heard in a long time, I wish I knew how to contact the singer, because I would love to tell him how the music makes me feel. I think I will have to get all of the other albums now If I can.....John, you can help me w/ this one :). Yeah, I should work now I think, and then imma go home tonight and listen to my CD on the way home :).
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