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This weekend was pretty cool.....Jeffy picked me up on Friday and we were supposed to go to Freakshow, but instead we went to Club and talked to some people....I saw Psycho Mike there, it was really wierd, he is the same as I remember him tho, tryin' to mack on the chick alllll night long. Of course, no luck (he he). After club I think we went to Johnny V's. yeah, cause Angela came with us and we brought that other girl to, she was awesome, she payed for my meal AND left a fat ass tip for the waitress.

On Saturday I had to work at like 11 for Hobbes, that was entertaining, I had fun talking to that lady that's always hanging out with them, she's really cool. Man she was drunk, but so was I, at the end of the night, I could'nt even see straight, I thought I was gonna die! damn that bartender for giving me all that free vodka.

Sunday was a really... REALLY good day :) Dan came over and we went to see Adaptation at the Downer theatre, it was a pretty good movie, kind of made me sad tho. I really am so happy around Dan, he treats me so good and he's always respectful. I am really not used to that, seeing as most of the guys I go after don't really care about me all that much, But this one does. After the movie we went to Walgreens and then to my house to watch Donny Darko on my computer, since I don't have a DVD player for my tv yet. It was nice to cuddle with him all night long :) I just wish he did'nt have to leave. I have a slight fear that is keeping me from getting to close to him. The distance. I have a problem with long distance relationships because when I get very close to someone, I want them to be with me most of the time. And that can't happen with him, at least not right now. I think I am protecting myself from missing him, but if I am reassured that things will not be like that forever, I think I will be ok. But who knows what will happen? I just know that I really like him right now and there is nothin' that will change that.

In other news, I think Parker said something about coffee that really going on? I never know anymore, I say we rent a movie with my free movie passes and go to someones house :).
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