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Nice thought of the day.....

Hmmm.... I was thinking of my little quote book I keep and I decided that I would post some of my favorite quotes from all of my friends. I have been keeping this book for years and it had a lot of stuff that people really should not know, so I will only post the stuff that will not offend someone or get anyone in trouble :).

My first one will be from a recent memory of mine when I was driving with Jeffy and Angela about two months ago, it was an unusually warm day and it was all sunny and calm outside and we were on the freeway, Jeffy looks to Angela and says;

"I feel real calm today...I got my
girl next to me, my best friend in
the back.....yeah, today's a good

I just thought that was appropriate for toaday, since it was all sunny when I woke up, it kind of remeinded me of that day.

So yeah, last night was entertaining to say the least!!! Parker, Jeffy, Lisa and I were all practically raping each other at Lisa's house, while watching Mindless Self Indulgence tapes on TV. We even broke her bed! haha then Lisa paid for all of our meals at Webbs, damn, now that's twice this week that someone I did not know at all or very well, paid for my meal without saying anything. Anyway, we went to my house after Webbs and Parker and Jeffy played with fake boobs for awhile and Parker tied Lisa up...poor girl (but she loved it). Heh, yeah, tonight I am going to Jeffy's right after work and then tomarrow is club night. Rock out w/ yer cock out!!
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