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Standing outside with my boobs......

Last night was so fun, Parker and Jeffy came over and chilled for a bit, after Jeffy drank my chocolate milk, we left for club. It was good though there were not many people, our group was there, so it did'nt matter anyway. Man, we really do have the whole bar sometimes! were takin' over....heh heh

So I danced alot and Dan got me a blue drink Woo-Hoo! go blue drink :). I talked to Sara about our plans on Wednesday and got that all figured out. MMMmmmm healthy food... for once. Pat took pictures of us all night and I think that flash is STILL in my eyes....owwwwwww.

So after club Carrie, Joshy, Dan and I went back to my house to chill and talk and damn was it fun!!!! I have not laughed like that in a long time, you know, those laughs where you can't breathe cause your stomach hurts to bad? yeah, I brought up some old shit w/ Josh that we used to crack up about in high school. I miss those days sometimes.

We ended up talking all night until 5AM and then we finally went to sleep, Carrie and Josh stayed over night, I got them all set up in Carrie's future room. Dan and I left at about 9:30 cause I had to work this morning and so did he, but not till like 11. I left Carrie and Joshy sleeping at my house. They were soo cute when I checked up on them this morning...awweee.

As far as tonight goes, I think I will be staying home since I can't call anyone from my house for a couple days, I have no phone service right now, so don't try calling me there, instead, call my work phone at 847-3305. I can still E-mail of course, from work and everything anyway, since I am on a computer all day, so I really have no problem w/ that.

I think it's time to go to Walgreens and pick up my pictures and then go home. :).
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