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"Underneath the bitter snow........"

I had a blast this weekend!!! and before I say anything, I must inform everyone that mt phone works now!!!! woo hooo!! they hooked it up this morning. SO anyway, on Friday I went to the Freakshow with Jeffy, Meg, John, Erin and many of that group were there too, to our pleasant surprise :). I also got my case for my PC w/ Jeffy too, it's sooo awesome! it has a see through window on the side so I can see the lights of the water cooling system I am gonna put in there, they are gonna be blue lights. Next month I will buy my motherboard and the removable hard drive.

Saturday Dan came over at like 3 PM and we went out and bought stuff, I got two new crystal candle holders and a huge decorative cinnamon candle. We went out to eat like so many times this weekend, which was rather enjoyable, and we got movies, I got "Legend" and "The Others" and then "Beaches" also. We talked about how I am gonna visit him in Van Cover when he goes to school in Canada in September, I'm going to take the Amtrak up there, I can't wait! I have never been to Canada.....I am gonna take so many pictures! you have no idea!

SO I don't know what is going on tonight....Jeffy, are you going to coffee night? Jeffy or Parker, actually.......fill me in 'yo. See yaz later....
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