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Just get me some!!!

Last night I decided to stay home and chill, it was a good thing too, because I got to talk to Carrie, my future roomate! yeah, she called and we talked for hours, about how cool it's going to be when she moves in. We're gonna have cook outs n' shit like I used to w/ my other roomate Erin. Man, we had a party once (and you guys know how small my house is) and like there were people hanging out in the stairwell! amusing aint it?

Anyway, so Carrie and I made plans for tonight, she is gonna come to my house when she gets off of work and then we are going to make out way over to John's house to see their band thingy in action heh heh, this should be cool, I have wanted to see how that was going for them. And I can finally hear something they have in the making.

Speaking of that, hey Meg, don't you have something like that going too? I was gonna ask you about that last time I talked to you online, but I forgot :).

So yeah, tonight I am NOT doing the Tuesday movie night thing(Sorry Jeffy!), but I will be at club tomarrow so I'll see you then if you go.

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