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So the snow has stopped me in my tracks, I was not able to catch the bus home 'cause the god damn thing never came! I was waiting for a half hour on the corner w/ no bus shelter! I called my grandma to pick me up and here I am at grandmas house in St. Francis. Far away from my home. Oh well, at least they have decent heat and lots of food.

I called my mom first and she said "No way!, go find your own ride!" so I called my grandma instead" dam my mom can be a bitch sometimes. Once, I was by Joshs and there was a blizzard out and I had to walk home, so I called her to see if she would pick me up and she said "No way! you are four blocks away...walk!" I was like, "But mom.....there are like 50 mile an hour winds" she goes "I don't care!". *sigh*

Anyhoo..needless to say, I could not get ahold of Carrie or go to John's tonight like I planned. Dam it, I don't even know if that went on anyway. With the weather and all. I hope Carrie stayed home tho, I did not want her driving from Kenosha!!!

Well, tomarrow is dinner at beans n' barley and then club! see you guys then :).
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