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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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lostvirtue :: HEY! [+3]

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May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
I hate cold

I had a blast last night dude....Jeffy came over to my house right when Sara called, so I went with Jeffy to Beans N' Barely and we met up with Pat and Sara at like 7:30. We had a pretty good time there, I did'nt know if Jeffy would get along with them as well as he did.

We went to club after that, it was waaayyy early tho, 'cause we went with the DJ, and he had to be there at nine. Damn that is toooo early, I think it's cute that Sara brings books to read while she is waiting for people to show up. We danced alot, and both Josh's were there this time, that was cool to see Mr. Leonard again.

We tried to go to Sara and Pat's house after club but they took too long to get to thier house so we left cause we were all wasting our gas, and if we turned the cars off, we would freeze. Everyone went back to my house and talked for a bit, Jeffy left for Angelas and Carrie, Josh and I went to sleep, all in my bed! weeeeeee!! again a little orgy of people in my bed. But this time I was NOT in the middle. heh heh.

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Oh sure...

...make me feel like I'm missing out.

Re: Oh sure...

I'M sorry hun....maybe next time we are at club and Carrie wants to have a sleep over, you can come too1! :)


Were you on First STREET or First PLACE?!?!?!? We got here very quickly so I have no idea what house you were at, but I don't think it was ours. Micheal and Ryan came over and we chilled with them for awhile. I'm kinda pathetic cause I don't exactly remember all of last night once we got back home, drank a bit too much. BLAH.

Thanks for going out with us, we should do it again soon, but to a restaurant Jeffy will like, possibly a steak house (smirk), but most likely Pizza Man!!!!!!! (The Man, Pizza Man)

Keep posted for the date of the very exciting EDDIE IZZARD PARTY (all men will be required to wear lipstick).

Re: HEY!

Ponderosa sound good? hehe

I commented....

in your terribly neglected journal. (sniff) How am I going to stalk you if you don't tell me where yer gonna be?



I sent the credit card people a cookie once. Unfortunately is was probably just crumbs by the time they got it. :)

Re: HEY!

We were on first St.......ummmm I think Pizza Man sounds good dude, Jeffy will like that too, I don't think he has ever been there :). But I am soo down!