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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
Happy V-day, even if you don't care

Well it's Valentines day and to night I will be with Dan, he is gonna pick me up tongiht after he gets off of work, then I will get to go to his house! yeay!!! finally I get to see his place and his freinds and stuff.

I love all you guys!!!! happy V-day! I know many of you are like fuck V-day and all, but I decided to make it a happy day anyhoo.

So Dan and I are official now, as of a few days ago. And I have a very good feeling about that. I am glad we were able to take it slow instead of feeling like I had to rush. That is something I appreciate greatly.

I wonder what everyone is doing today...oh do tell, especially Bitny, I gotta know about this dude :). Go Bitnnyyyyyy!!!!!

Emotion: amusedamused


why? because yer goin out with some fuckin boyfriend rather than bein out drinkin with the gang! psh. i guess i won't bring you no presents then! hehe

have fun.


Awwwee come on!! duuude, you never call me, so why does it matter 'yo! j/k you know I love you, so shut up! I don't like going to club on Fridays and I HATE going to Planet too on Friday 'cause I hate the music they play, so I probly would have been quite bored with the clubs tonight. PooooooooPA! poopa poo.

Hey girly!! Happy V-D to you too! Today I celebrated my baby's b-day. Me, Aine, and my mom went to Beans and Barley for breakfast, Aine wanted a pancake and a pickle, well I guess when you turn 4 your tastes change??!! :-) Then we went to the museum to check out the new dinosaur exhibit, she totally grooved on it. But I gotta go wash the dye outta my hair, so read my post if you want more..........
Love right back at ya babe