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La la la.....

A lovely Valentines day was had by me :). Got some cool picture frames from Daniel, and that is actually where I am at right now. In Fitchburg. This afternoon we went to Madison and walked around a bit, the stores here are so cool, I love the way everything is set up. I wanted to go close the capitol, I have not seen that thing up close since I was 10, so he drove up to it and I got a good look. I wanted to go inside it, but we thought it was closed so we did'nt even bother.

Man, his house is soo nice, there is even a piano in the bassment, which looks like another living room. I wish I had a cool townhouse like this one.

Tonight we go to "The Inferno" which is a club kind of like Anything, but bigger. It's in Madison which is right downt he street from us. I am going to get to meet some of his friends now which should be cool. We shall see how it all ends.

Yes, Jeffy, I know yer gonna ask, I DID stick it in! just for you baby! yyeeahhhhh!!!
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