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I must be happy, which I am.....,

I must say, this weekend was the best in a long time. Daniel brought me to the "Inferno" on Saturday, and oh my was awesome, first of all, this club was huge compared to Anything, and I did'nt know everyone there, so there was no drama!! very nice, although by the end I had many new aquaintences. Dan has nice friends. Oh and the music....phenominal! Jeffy, this is a must see for you, you would have loved it! I can't believe how fucking awesome the DJ was. Heh heh, one thing I really like about the dance floor, is that there are poles all over it, I was dancin' on 'em like a dirty stripper, I'll tell you what!

So yeah, Dan took me to this gorgeous resteraunt called "The White Horse Inn", very upper class, I had some great wine. I also really liked the calamari, not too squishy :). I had the swordfish, my goodness kids- it is to DIE for. I felt like I was in a movie, a very good movie.

On Sunday we visited Daniel's dad and step mom in his home town of Oregon,WI. He showed me the other houses he lived in prior to the one his dad lives in now, and they were all beutiful, huge houses in the quiet county side. Lots of open fields and patches of tall trees surrounding the homes. Then we were driving around and he was showing me all the big pretty houses and I pointed to one that I liked in particular and he goes "You like that one" I was like "yeah" and he goes ok...and pulls into the driveway, I was like "Oh my god, this is the house!". We went inside and I met his parents, whom I liked very, very much, I had so much in common w/ Mary, his step mom. We talked and did the 20 questions thing, which I don't mind at all, I actually LIKE when people are interested in what I do and who I am. His dad is great to, he asked most of the questions :). We had cheese and wine, another new-found love of mine. Then there was the tour of the house, and let me tell you, my house could fit in the bassment alone. I liked all the fire places and the massive bathrooms, they were bigger than my bedroom. I saw that the master bedroom had a bathroom with a whirlpool in it. Man, they could have pimp-ass parties! I am so there. I'm gonna just show up there one day w/ Jeffy and a bunch of other people, and when his parents come home, were all gonna be in thier jacuzzi drnkin' thier wine and singin' drunken songs about 99 bottles of $100 wine on the wall!

As I become more and more a part of Dan's life I see how well taken care of he was, he had everything and then some, a loving family, a safe neighborhood and comfortable home to live in. I feel that sometimes I have been cheated out of the best things. I would have given anything to stay in the same house for more than three years at a time. I have never had a stable place to live, I am currently living in my 12th house since 1981.

I want a stable life for my family one day. And I only work harder for it because that is the only way it will happen. I have support from many people that it will one day be better for me :). And I hope that my many friends will also have the same some day. The security that they deserve. And to be truly happy. For now, I know I am happy, because I have lots to work towards and still lots and lots to see.

And to top it all off, I have a gorgeous boyfriend who accepts me for who I am. Thank you, Daniel.
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