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Wild night......

Oh man......I don't about last night dude, it was....interesting to say the least. First Carrie, Nick and Josh came over and chilled before club, Jeffy showed up later too and we stayed at my house until like 9:30 then headed over to club. It was very dead in there, but some of the music was ok I guess. My Daniel showed up and I was soooo happy :). Angela was there too, though I wish she would have stayed longer.

Right when it was gettin' kinda good, someone got the bright idea to go to "Club Paradise" that strip club w/ the light up palm trees on both sides of the parking lot. Now I did'nt have my ID on me, so I thought I would not get in, but thanx to Ron, I got away w/ it, he paid for me to get in so I would not have to go up to the guy behind the counter who wanted to see our ID's. Instead, Ron was like "Go inside, you're covered" and I kind of slipped through the door with out the door guy even seeing me. That was pretty slick.

That was my first time at a strip club and I have to say I had soooo much fun! it was funny, not nasty like I thought it would be, well, except for the fat chick who would dance every once in a while. Eeeeew....she had cottage cheese. Carrie and I were laughing our asses off! and Mr. Bott was gettin' it from all directions man......and my Dan? well you can probly already guess that he was having a good time. I can't believe I went in thier! haha. I liked some of the music there, theyplayed two songs that were also played at club before we left. Wierd.

After the strip club we all went to my house and Nick and Josh drank all my German booze that was in the freezer. heh heh. They are still at my house I think, cause when I left they were all sleeping.

Tonight John Ireland comes over to chill w/ me, damn it's warm out, I think I am gonna go and chill on the East Side for awhile after work. Imma go get a Cockbuster card too. Heh heh.
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