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"It's alright , it's ok, I get carrieedd awwwayyeee"

Well it seems everything is back to normal now, Dan and I are both feeling better about our little mix up. Yeay!!! and I am going to his house tomarrow sometime in the afternoon I think.

Man I wish I could see Parker DJ in Chicago, that would be soo cool. I don't think I would make it out there in time though if it's on Sunday. Damn.

I am at my grandparents house tonight, we went out to eat and at the resteraunt they were people watching and kept making all these comments about butts. They were like "Hmmm look at all the different shapes of peoples butts" I was like "Ummmmm ok guys.....I don't know what they put in this fish, buuut...yyeeeaahhh". Anyway, it was quite an interesting listening experience on my part.

So I am talking to my freind John, and he is going to start a new journal, he had one a long time ago, and now he is gonna re open it. Cool. Another friend for my list :).
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