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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
My weekend.....

Well I went to my Daniels house this weekend, he drove over from Madison and got me and when we got there, we hung out with his best friend Andrew and his other friend Meg and his roomate, Ryan. I had a good time, I got to know his little group a bit more, I actually liked Meg, even though she did talk to Ryan most of the time! :). We stopped in at the Inferno and our little group was there again, I saw Daniels Ex, Nicole there (tee hee) that was amusing. Her sister is pretty though. I think Jeffy would like to meet Lisa, she's just one of those people I know he would like.

After Inferno we went drunken grocery shopping, and I kept poking everything in the store....Dan was like "Please don't do that" and he was laughing at me (LOL) it was hilarious! I really wanted those cookies though, I should have stolen one!

Sunday he took me to a really lovely resteraunt called "Tutto Pasta" it was great, we have decided that that is where we are going to go on his birthday. Oh my god.....speaking of his birthday, I have theeee best idea in store for him, I have to tell him before I do it though, cause it involves some planning...heh heh, but I can't tell you all until I tell him on Wed.

I realize I forgot to call Brittany this weekend....damn it! sorry hun!

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There is nothing... - (Anonymous)

That's cool, cause I was gonna call you anyway this week and see if you wanted to do anything!!! weeee!!!


Just so you know.... we made plans with you without your consent.

Jeffy wants to go out on Wednesday with Pat and I, AND YOU. So yeah, just thought I'd let you know that you have a date with us in two days. And don't you think you are getting out of it either!

(Glad you had a good weekened, we're going with ya next weekend, yes, excellent)



What time are we gonna do that?


7ish?!?! Pat has school till about 7... I'm not too worried about it taking too long, cause Z can wait if Pat's late to dj.

But I'll CALL you... uh not tomorrow, funeral, but Wednesday. I'm done with work at 2:00pm and will be home about 3.


OK that's cool, if you wanna call me at work, I will be at 847-3066. I work till 5, but I will be home at about 5:45.

aw, its ok. just let me know if you still want to look through some of my stuff, ok? i want to get it out of my room.

Chrystal Kicks AAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chrysatl kicks AAAASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!
Chrystal kicks AAAAAAASSSSSSSSS!!!!!
Chrystal kicks AAAAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!!!
Your gifts rule.

Don't worry about never being able to meet my mother. It is situation that will never change. But, I look forward to introducing you to my sister. She is much like my mother. She means about as much to me as my mother. However I think it speaks volumes about you that you have that curiosity. I also find it very endearing. By the way when am I going to meet members of your family.

Re: Chrystal Kicks AAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welllll...I am very excited to meet your sister:) and my mom wants you to come over next weekend, I told her Sunday would be best since we are hanging out w/your parents Saturday night, or maybe we could do that on Sat. during the day w/my parents. We can work something out. I was in the phone last night w/ my mom and she is just dying to meet you!

As for the film festival, oh my god, I am so excited about that! and I knew you would be too!