Chrystal Ann Kaminski (surrealkiller) wrote,
Chrystal Ann Kaminski

The quiz.....

Spell your first name backwards – latsyrhc
What’s the story behind your lj user name – I loved the charactor Antigone in the greek play I read in high school, so I chose to use her name for this.
Sheets on your bed – Pure white
Sunglasses – One amber/black from Nine West, one clear Kurt Cobain style, a black pair and one rose colored
Underwear – Ummm I really don't wear any most of the time, but since I'm raggin' I have some black lacy pair on.
Favorite shirt – My bright red one with fancy sleeves
Cologne/Perfume – peach body spray from bath and body works
Piercing – 10, nose, tongue, four in each ear.
What you are wearing now – a suede burgundy blouse w/ black jeans
In my head – going on all the trips w/ Dan this year and the trip to Florida w/ Carrie n' friends
Wishing – that Dan and I will stay as strong as we are right now
Person you wish you could see right now - Daniel and Jeffy
Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month – Going to the Wisconsin Film Festival in Madison
The last thing you ate – A pot pie and french fries
Something that you are deathly afraid of – spiders & centepedeeeeees - eeeewwwwww
Do you believe in love – Of course
Do you believe in soul mates – no, you can become soul mates over time as you grow and learn w/ each other
Do you believe in love at first sight – no
Do you believe in Heaven – no
Do you believe in God – Yes, I am god.
What do you want done with your body when you die – creamation, and spread around places I love all over the world.
Worst enemy - I have none
If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be – Horses and cute, round fishies and mad ones, like Pirahna fishies!! and a white siberian husky dog.
What is the latest you've ever stayed up – 36 hours I went to a rave and we went out again the next night
What's something that you wish people would understand – That some people can truly love someone within days
What's something you wish you could understand better – Why my mom and dad did not try harder to make sure we felt loved and were comfortable. Why my dad just does not want to hang out with me :(.
Who is someone that you really wish was still around - My favorite great grandmother and Daniels mother, I will never get to meet her.
Person that you wish you could make amends with – Mason, Alli and mike
Best friend(s): Jeffy and Talleah and now Daniel too :)
Thing I enjoy doing the most right now: being in Daniels arms
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