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Don't wake me up...

SO last night I went to movie night w/ Jeffy and Angela and there we met up with about 8 people from our group. We saw "It's a guy thing" it was kind of stupid, predictable, happy ending story. It was kind of funny though, well it made me laugh anyway.

I am beginning to see the massive importance of independant films.......Only (those) as of late have been able to really shock me, to make me think, and actually make me cry. I think it's because Indi-films are more directed towards inner reflection, to portray what the producer/director feels instead of what the public expects to feel. So many of the smaller films are very unpredictable and extravagent. Even without all of the glamor of the best special effects and what not.

I have a new understanding of the film industry thanks to Daniel, who watches that IFC channel all the time. You know, I have never gotten bored watching anything on that station. It just amazes me sometimes.

Anyhoo, tonight is club night and first, dinner with Pat and Sara and Jeffy! Yeaayyyy! Jeffy, don't worry, they know we are supposed to meet at your house, I can't come over right after though, so I will probably be comming w/them.
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