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Well Wednesday was fun as hell, I danced alot, I finally got to hear some of John, Nick and Josh's work (Nice job BTW) and most importantly, I got to see my Daniel.

After club, Nick, Josh and Carrie came over to my house w/ Daniel and I. We had some good times, except for Josh, who puked in Carries car. We never let him forget about that one all night.

The morning was quite interseting w/ lotion wars and lots of slobbery goodness thanks to Nick (you sick bastard!) what the hell does "Snow globe, dead sweater" mean anyway?

I hung out w/ Carrie all day Thursday and we went to a fishie store and there a whole buch of puffer fishies!!! PUFFER FISHIES!!! I love those! I wanted them to puff for me, but I could not piss them off enough to puff :(. One did puff though, on his own a little bit and I was so happy that I yelled "HE PUFFED!"and Carrie and I just busted out laughing at the fat, round little fishie. It was so cute that I am surprised I did not open the tank and grab him out.

Well, I went home at like 9:30 to see if Brittany or John called, but niether left a message so I guessed that nothing was really going on. I was really tired and after talking to Carrie for a good two hours, we decided to look through my pictures and go to bed. Nick showed up right when I was going to bed so he could spend the night w/ Carrie which I thought was soo cute :).

Tonight I will go to Daniels house after he picks me up later on, after work I should go to the bank and deposite my checks. I should E-mail John like I was going to yesterday, now I feel bad....dammit.
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