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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
Drei coole tagen....

Friday: I went to work from 9 to 5. After that I went to the bank and deposited my checks. By the time I got home it was like 7:30, Daniel called and said he was going to come and get me after talking to his roomate, Ryan. Dan got to my house at around 10:00 and we left for Madison.

Saturday: We got up at like 10:30 and I went and turned on the TV right away (like I always do) and watched the travel channel, they had lots of stuff on about the secrets of the movie industry and shit. Dan and I were very interested of course, so we ate breakfast while watching that. Then we went to drop off money to his freind Josh who is helping him build a computer like Jeffy is doing for me. After that we went to get our tickets for the Wisconsin Film Festival, and we got every movie we chose! woo hoo! I was soo happy about that and so was Daniel, I knew 'cause he kept saying so throughout the day :). I am glad I was able to make him happy, since he already has done so much to make me happy also :).

Later on was Leather and Lace at the Inferno, damn it was fun, I have never been bored at that club yet, the music was pretty good too. Those who did not go with me should come the weekend after next, for Chrome night, that is when they play THEEE best music. So if you all would like to, we will make plans for that (I.E. Pat,Sara,Jeffy). I saw Jess at the Inferno too, which was a surprise, I asked her what she was doing there and she said "Let's say I escaped". lol

Sunday: we slept super late, till fuckin' 2:30 n' shit. I was like "Damn! I never sleep this late..." I got up and decided to see what was on T.V., I ended up watching all these awesome movies on the IFC. I love IFC, I forgot how much I liked it when I was little. I used to watch it all the time. I remember calling it the "Weird movie channel" and I liked it because it was different. It's no longer weird though, just unique. I understand it now. Because I rule. Well sometimes I rule. I guess. Anyway.....so Dan and I watched IFC all day and had a wonderful dinner, he made pasta, oh mannnnnn it was soo good. *drools* olive oil and everything. Dan, you are god.

Emotion: lovedloved
Serenading me....: Clanging on the loading dock outside John's office
Yes, yes, yes....

I'm going next time.... really really.

If I could have gone without seriously jeapordizing my health I would have been there... I already offered to take Jeffy down too. I'm really sorry I missed it, but I was SOOOOOOOO sick. Besides I think it was actually good to stay away from the club scence for a weekend, I needed a break from having to deal with any of it... not that its always not in the back of my mind.

Glad you had a good time though, miss ya Chrystals..... maybe dinner on Wednesday? Call me... or I'll call ya, or write me on here.... or well, one of those things.

Oh yeah, I started chatting with your friend John on here... and in IM, he rocks. I am assimilating him. Resistance is FUTILE.

Re: Yes, yes, yes....

John rocks!