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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
Snowy daze.....

My god, I tell ya, last night, was a real shocker. First, I took the bus to Southridge from work, I got to the mall and called Jeffy and told him to pick me up and then I called John Lee and he gave me directions to his house. After Jeffy and Kaliegh picked me up from the mall, we went and got John. Then we fucked around a bit before going to the movie we were supposed to go to at like 9:45.

We were all at Wal-Mart screwing around looking at shit when Kaliegh got a call on her cell phone, apparently, a friend of ours was knocked unconscious w/ a pool cue at South Park in Cudahy. So, needless to say, the movie was off, instead, we made our way to the St. Lukes on Lakedrive.

We got there and there were already like five others of the friends Casper was with when it happened. For those of you who want to know what happened, the girl in the hospital (Casper) sniched on some guy and he came back to retaliate, and decided to beat her senseless w/ a pool cue in the bowling alley. Anyway, she was going for x-rays and what not and it took like four hours, and I could not leave because I was with Kaliegh, and she was closest to Casper and refused to leave. So Jeffy, John and I were not going anywhere.

I was kind of nervous to be in the hospital, but after a while, I forgot it WAS a hospital. We were so hungry that we went downstairs to the sandwitch machine (ugh). Jeffy wanted food so bad, he started shaking all the machines until a candy bar fell out! he got a hershey bar, cause it was skinny enough that it shimmied it's way underneath the metal bar that held it in place. I wish I could do that. We were lucky there was no one there but us, cause it was 1 AM by that time. We got so bored too.....so Jeffy, John and this other kid that was there for Casper decided to have a little fun in the cafeteria, which was empty except for us. We were throwing little packets of mustard and mayo and Jeffy found the microwave and thought he would put the packets of mustard in there and watch them blow up. Well, they made the micro. spark and shit, I don't know how, but there may have been traces of foil in the packaging. heh heh. It looked like there was lightening in there!

After all the cafeteria fun, we went back upstairs and watched the movie that was on in the wating room. I got bored and picked up a magazine which had stickers of a hot dog on a stick, some teeth and a hairy chest in it. It was one of those adds for that I-zone camera, and those stickers looked just like the pictures that come out of that camera. So I thought I would put some on people. Tyler was amused by this and put the teeth sticker on his mouth and the other on his crotch. Oh my god....I could not stop laughing! my stomach hurt so bad, I thought I would burst! everyone was laughing their asses off by then, fucking around with the stickers. They ended up all over the floor and walls of the waiting room!

Yes, yes, good times, good times. After they wheeled Casper out into the waiting room, she looked at us like "What the hell were you guys doing?!" man she looked bad, like a big dog mauled her head. It was purple and blue....and she said she had a fracture in her skull. I saw the long cut above her left eye. Man, I really hope she gets better. Some people think she deserved it, for snitching, but I don't think anyone deserves to be beat up. No matter what. But that's just me.

Anyhoo, tonight, I think I am going to Johnny V's w/ Carrie for thier little band practice before club anything. Sorry, Sara, I don't think I can make it for dinner tonight, I think next week would work better :). I'll see you all on the flip side.


Emotion: excitedexcited

Krystal I LOVE YOU and I MISS YOU!! I agree that pool cues can be mighty dangerous.

Ohhhh MY GODDD!!! where have you been! you should post sometime dude!!!

OMG, is she okay? holy crap, nobody tells me anything

Yeah, she's ok, but a little out of it, Kaliegh is taking care of her at her house, since Caspers mom kicked her out yesterday. It must of sucked a little for Kaliegh, since she had to pay for Caspers perscriptions, cause Casper was broke!

Holy Shit!

Wow, I can't believe that. I hope karma wisks away that knuckledragger back to the stone age back where he belongs.

I know!

God that was fucked up....I have never seen someone THAT beat up before!

Shit I thought this sort of shit only happened in montana.... assholes and poolcues...


Hell yeah, fuck those assholes........

Pictures for you!

Hey Chrystal.... I put the pictures up that Pat took... and I resized the one that you wanted to use on LJ.... it's called Tiny Chrystal. So you can just save it and upload it to your LJ from my yahoo briefcase.

Go look at my journal, I link to the pictures from there... Let me know what you think.... Laterz...

Re: Pictures for you!

I am really impressed w/ those pic's, I love those ones of you! SSSEEEXXAAYYYY! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Sara rules....