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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
I Hate snow....

This morning was a drag to say the least.... I fucking hate snow...although it WAS pretty walking down the sidewalk and bieng surrounded by all white.

Well, I had a great time at club Wed. of course Carrie Nick and Josh went to my house after Johnny V's. In the morning Carrie and I got nice and lost looking for my landlords little office. We dropped off Carrie's application and Lori (landlord) told me that she was not happy w/ either I, nor the people downstairs because she thinks we are not doing any of the yard work. Eventhough there has only been like two real snows, she complains we do not shovel or mow the lawn. I was like "well, the boys downstairs shoveled this morning". God...she's such a bitch sometimes. She said that she might not even renew the lease and have all of us evicted when our lease is up. That would really suck for Carrie, but I have more than a few places I could go. I found a few places in Cudahy, close to my dad and best friend Talleah, I could live w/ my mom in Caledonia or I could say fuck Wisconsin all together and go live with Daniel in Van Couver. So if she thinks I am at all phased, she better think twice.

Anyway, Thursday I had a good time hanging out w/ Josh in the morning and then when he left, Carrie and Nicky were there all day w/ me :). Nicky had to leave to watch his nieces and sister, so Carrie and I went to rent movies, we got "Rules of Attraction" and "Unfaithful", both really good films. I saw "Rules of Attraction" before it was even out, Kyle took me because his work was giving out special viewing tickets for it. That was like August of last year, So I was pretty happy to see the movie again.

I went online last night and looked through peoples LJ lists, I added Joshy and Jay, I thought Jay's picture was soo cute! it's a snaaaaakkee! yeaaaaayyy! it's sooooo cute, I was like "That's meeee!" I'm a pink snake! it was all standing up in the picture, and everyone knows my favorite snake is a Cobra snake, cause they dance and they are cute. Tee hee. sssssSSS.

Oh my god, I love what you did with those pictures Pat, nice job, I will put my picture on LJ as soon as I get a chance. Daniel, there is a real nice one of us on there...you should go look at them :).

Today I work till 7:30, yeah it blows, but I will get al my hours in. I will get home at about 8. I was wondering if anyone knows what is playing @ the Freakshow tonight....cause I want to go there w/ Daniel if he feels up to it.

So I think I should go upload those pic's into my online album now see yall layta!

Emotion: busybusy
...frontier radio presents...

i believe the friday night freak show this week is still bruce lee in "enter the dragon"...