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I see them and they just...are...

Friday: Daniel got to my house at like 11PM and Jeffy called me to see what I was doing and I was going to meet up with them for Erins B-day, but they were all at Planet and Jeffy said it sucked 'cause it was kinda dead. He came over w/ Angela after that and we all went to Zebb's for dinner, after that Dan and I went home to sleep. Tee hee.

Saturday: Dan and I woke up at like 10 so we could go to my bank, but I decided the weather was too bad to be going anywhere other than where we were supposed to go. So we waited until his dad called and then we left to take a movie back to Cockbuster. We then met up with his parents who were staying at the Pfister, it was way too crowded there, so we wanted to go to Elsa's and it was down the street so we walked to it. It was damn cold AND the place was not open yet, so we went to Louise's, which was a nice place that was very west coast, there we had Calimari and I had two glasses of wine. And oh man, you all know that I have no tolerance, so I was quite a bit tipsy before we got out of there. We had good conversation though, his parents talked alot about Key West and what we would be doing there. I can't believe we already got our tickets! weeeeeee! I have made the decision to get a video camera before my trip to Florida to visit Brian Warner. Man we are gonna have some fun with that thing.

Anyway, after Louise's we wanted to go to that place we intended to go to in the first place, Elsa's, which was just a few doors down. Elsa's was an elegant, New Yorky type place, with a really great atmosphere. We sat down at the bar and Daniel's mom was like "so, what do you want to drink?" and she showed me the wine list, if I could read it, I'm sure I would have picked a different wine, but I had this red stuff that she suggested, I said I would try it because I don't think I could order for myself at that point. I liked it though, it was dry, but really good. Man, by then I was pretty toasty and his parents had to leave for their dinner reservation, thank god, because I don't think I could have faked being sober any longer! I did a good job at it though :). heh heh. We had rich people nachos there too, they were damn good, I am for sure going back to that place.

After that we went to take a nap at home and then to DJ Funk, now THAT was a really good show as always....BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY! LOL I had such a blast and Daniel liked it too. I was surprised by that slightly. But sometimes ya never know.

Sunday: We were lazy in the morning but we managed to make it over to my step dads place where his kids were watching "The Ring", I thought it was funny that they kept rewinding it to the scary parts. I swear that is not a movie for kids though. Anyhoo, we picked up my new lamps and my pedestal for the hallway and took that stuff home. We went out to eat at the chancery on Downer and then rented movies at cockbuster again, I got "The Ring" and Daniel got the "The Good Girl". Man, I tell ya, watching the outtakes from The Ring scared the shit out of me, and Daniel, he jumped this one time, and it made me laugh so hard, I could not stop even after we went to bed. I laying there laughing. LOL...sometimes shits just funny :).
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