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You know.....

I feel kind of shitty when people say that my reasons for not liking certain music are stupid, I mean, I think people have the right to not like anything for any reason, because people all have different reasons, personal ones. I know people who don't like the color red because it reminds them of blood, and I also know someone who, when he was little asked his dad for a bite of what he thought was cut pinapples, but it was actually cottage cheese, now he hates cottage cheese because he was expecting the sweet taste of pineapples and he got cold lumpy curdy shit instead.

And would it be right to tell those people that they have stupid reasons for not liking those things? I don't think so. Because it's not stupid to them, reasons for liking things or not, are personal and you can't argue w/ that, because there cannot be an arguement when you are dealing with personal reasons unless you try to change the others persons thinking. There really can only be statements, and wether you like the other persons statement or not, is the only argument you can make. And you can tell them why you don't like it, but not that they "Don't have good reason" for their thoughts.

I was in a conversation this weekend that I have had with people alot and most really don't get on my case all that much. But this time I felt cornered, and I felt no one was letting me have my say and explain myself, they all just kind of got on my case about my opinion. I hate it when just because I am the only one in the group with a different thought and they all say that I just don't the right reason to disagree w/ them.

I always let others say anything without judgment, it's just an opinion...everyone's are so different. I like it when people say what they really feel about certain things, it shows that they take the time to think about things rather than look over them. In this situation, I felt pushed aside because the others knew more about the topic we were on. Just because one might know more about something, does not make my feelings about it wrong, no matter what.

Once again, I feel, as I did when I was younger, like I am being treated like my feelings are not as important. *sigh* what is it with people work this lady in my department brought in a pizza, and shared it with everyone but me and our boss Mike. and I work w/ this guy John that does not like me and tries to get me fired by telling Mike that my new position was not necessary (Mike made me a new position in the dep. so I could still work there). I have always been nice to John.....what gives?
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