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I was wondering if anyone was going to movie night...and what was playing, last time it did not work out, maybe this time there will be no beating w/ pool cue's.

My work day yesterday sucked balls. I was so bored, but I got another cool job to do tho, I get to take the floor plans and walk around the whole school recording where all the emergency exits are n' shit, it's interesting, I put little colored dots where all the clocks and fire extinguishers are. Yeay for colored dots.

Well, last night I went online and talked to Logan about my new PC, we talked about computers all night, he told me that I could actually spend a lot less money than I am on my PC. He told me that MPC rapes people of their cash. He said to go on line and buy all my stuff, and if I look hard enough I can find free shipping. I think that sounds like a good idea. I will ask Jeffy about it and maybe I can just look at stuff w/ him online to see what we can get.
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