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Wednesday was good, Sara picked me up and we went to Abu's and DJ Pat was already there, then Jeffy showed up a little later. I knew both of the people working there, so it was cool to talk to them again, this Nicole chick from school and some guy I met at the Node named Andrew. After we had some really yummy food, I went to Sara's house for a bit and she showed me lots of really beutiful music, and she said she will burn some for me! I can't wait.

We got to club at like 10 or so, I danced my ass of as usual, and so many people were there. They played two songs from John's band, I really loved the new one, I gotta have it so SOMEBODY needs to make me a copy (looks at John) :).
After club Carrie, Nicky and Joshy went to my house and Alan came over, I got pic's of his hair before he cut it off...tee hee. I found out he lives clos to me, like a block away, so now he's gonna come hang out with us more often, that should be pretty cool.

Thursday morning I was woken up by Carrie comming in my room and saying she had doughnuts for us and juice, which was very cute, so I got up and got ready and what not, and everyone just kind of laid around and listened to music. by like 4:15 we were on our way to the mall w/ Josh so he could go to work, er were late cause of traffic, but at least he got there. Carrie and I then went to shop for stuff at Mayfair and Southridge, then later we went to get our Pigface tickets @ Starship.

We were so damn late for the show, Carrie was running around like crazy because she was worried that it would sell out, so we got our asses there at like 8:45 and by then, Bile had already played, and the band I came there to see was on......Zeromancer!!!! oh my god.....these guys, they were so beutiful, I could'nt even look away, they had that heroin look to them, I love that! my god, I was so happy to see them in person, I had no idea what they looked like until then. I was glad I was right up in the front holding on to the fence. I wish that fence was closer to the stage sometimes....he he. After that I went to join everyone (John, Meg, Carrie, Nick) by the big bar and that's mostly where we stayed the whole time. Man I was so drunk......two drink minimum? I don't think minimum was one last night. I could barely see......I KNOW that was not UV Vodka, it was some other more potent kind, because damn......I was just......faded....anyway, some shit went down that was a bit scary, but it was over within minutes, Nick was kicked out of the stupid Rave. Dumb rules....and people that work there. Hmph!
Well, on a lighter note, while I was watching Pigface (which by the way, rocked ass) I looked behind me and saw the guitarist and the lead singer of Zeromancer, just chillin in the back watching the concert. I looked at Carrie and grabbed her, "Look!" I said......"It's the guy!" she had that damn-those-guys-are-sexy look on her face and I told her I wanted to hug them, and she goes "DO it!". I was too shy at first, but then after awhile, I stopped staring at the lead singer and finally went up to him and said "Can I give you a hug?" and he smiled at me and was like "ok", awww it was sooo cute, I did'nt expect him to be all smilie n' stuff haha, I did'nt want to let go of him! I was so happy after that, I was bouncing around :) I could'nt find the other guy though, damn...I guess I will have to wait till next time, or fly to Norway and knock on his door tee hee.

Yup, the night ended with me buying a cool T-shirt and Nicky had the car nice and warm for us, since he was already there cause he got kicked out.

Now I am at work, bored and waiting for my Daniel to come over tonight. I hope we can chill this weekend Sara, I will E-mail you :). Maybe we can find some time in our crazy lives to hang out on a weekend :).
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