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Oh the warmth.......

Ooooo babaaay! how about that awesome fuckin' weather hey? anyhoo.....let's see.....Friday, worked till like seven or some shit....went home and waited for Dan to come over, hr got there at like 11:00 or so, we watched a movie and went to sleep cause we were both to damn tired to go anywhere.

Saturday we got up at like 10 and it was so damn nice out I wanted to get ready and go right away, so we took showers and got dressed and went to the grocery store and out to eat at...ummmmm I can't remember where we went.....Daniel...where did we go Friday? mmmmmmm.....after all that we went home so I could wait for my mom to call because we had plans with her to meet at La Fuente's on 5th right by club ?. We got there a little bit after they did and the place was so damn crowded that we did not eat for an hour and a half after we got there. The dinner was real good though, I was happy to see my mom and grandparents again, Daniel liked them too, which I was glad to hear. After dinner we left for Brookfield to pick up Daniels friend Rick so he could hit up club ? with us, we had a pretty good time there, more people were there than I expected again. Later on that night we took Rick home and went back to my place to crash.

Sunday was an awesome day, we walked around Shorewood most of the morning and early afternoon, we went to a nice cafe there and then later on that night ate at Joey Bueno's, which was so excellent, I highly recommend this resteraunt to anyone who likes italian food. It's pricey, but much worth it.

Today I am sitting at work, wondering what else it is that I have to do here.....I will prolly get home at like 8. Damn this over-time. But I gotta do it because soon I will be taking two days off for the film festival. Ye-uh....
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