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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]

Today I am going over to Jeffy's house after work, I will be done with work at like 6, so I will get on the bus at about 6:30 and if it's not raining, I will walk to yer house Jeffy :). Otherwise I will call you.

Yep, that will be my day :). Sorry I did'nt come out last night guys, but I was damn tired....

I am getting old......I wanted to sleep instead of going to get drunk.....heh heh. I like to save that for wednesday's.

Emotion: blankblank

i soooo love ikea its one of muh fav's... i love to go there and just look threw all the random shit...i want fill muh house with all kinda weird shit from there...so your into photography and your an office manager at an art institute that pretty damn kewl... so how is illinois... pittsburgh pretty much sux...i feel like i out did the city 3 years ago... but owell i guess i have to chill here till schools out next year then hopefully im off to cali for fashion skewl... ok sorry i tend to get besides the point and rabmle about nadda... if im bugging you in any way just let me know i dont want to be an LJ pest you cant get rid off... kinda like a terd that wont flush ya know!!!! ok if ya feel like it hit me up sometime

Hey! yeah.....I have never been to that place, but I want to go there cause I love to decorate my house n' shit. I like Illinois, but I don't live there, I live in Wisconsin, I am moving to Cali soon, San Fransisco hopefully :). We should hang out if you go to school there!