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Last night was great, I went to the mall after work and Jeffy picked me up form there and we went and got Parker, then went down to the east side to get Stacy and gay Timmy. We then headed out to the dollar movie at the Budget, we saw "Empire", it was kind of cheesy at first, but the story line was interesting, some of the actors needed a little work, but essentially it was ok.

After that we went to Zebb's, and I had a damn good sandwitch, it was Canton and Laura came with us to Zebb's too and it was just so much fun having them there, I have not talked to them in a while and it was a nice change to have gotten to last night. We chilled and talked a bunch after eating, yes, yes....good times.

Tonight it's club night, I work till 8 though, so I will probly not be able to hang out before that unless I am picked up from work or something, but even then, I still have to get ready. Well, come to think of it, then Sara would not have to go to club so early....hhhmmmmm, well see.
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