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Yeay...I remembered that song I told Joshy about, the one that everyone would play over and over if they had a system in their cars back in 1995. It was Crossroads from Bone...dude, I love that song. I remember these cars would drive by my highschool into the parking lot with the shit just blaring, and all I could hear was the bass. Heeeeaaall yeeah. Waaaay back when that CD was new. hmmmm...

Well, I had a good time at club last night, people were there from my highschool whom I have not seen in a while. Like this guy Chris Minske, I had a huge crush on him Sophmore year. Back then he was a raver/skater dude. Now he's all "hardcore" or something. I can't believe he was there. They played that printer song I love, Sara, what's the name of it again? it rocks the house 'yo.

So tonight I work till seven, which is not bad. I am staying home tonight so I can talk to Daniel. Cause he's my babee. Yup.
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