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Alli's party

Yeah, today was the party at Alli's, it was for the most part quiet, but the best part was when Mike and I were drinking the Absinthe and jeffy drove us to the gas station to get fucking Cheetos! and guess what, the stupid car dies because we ran out of gas! Mike and I were so drunk, I was having a hard time seeing and he kept saying everything was spinning, ha! that was entertaining, we also had to walk all the way to Alli's house and I was in high heels. Other than that there was a lot of drama going on. I hate drama, I feel like I am surrounded by highschool kids sometimes. There are some people who do not know how to take something with a grain of salt. A certain somebody thinks that getting upset and bitching at people all the time, wait, wait- CONSTANTLY! is a good way to get attention. Wrong! common now, we are not two years old. Grow up, if all of us threw fits when things were not going right or someone looked at us the wrong way, we would all die from exhaustion, and we would die early. I believe the stronger you are, the longer you will live and the happier you will be. Life is too short to bitch about every small thing. Well, me and Jeffy left early due to this drama anyway, and that is how my night went. I hope tomarrow is better, me Jeffy and Mike are going to Tonys friends party-yeay!:).
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