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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
My weekend....

Oh man, my weekend was soo good. Better than good. It rocked the cock.

Friday: I chilled at my house with Carrie for a little while, we ate dinner and waited for Nick and Daniel to show up. Daniel came at like a half hour before Nicky and then we left and Carrie and Nick went somewhere I think.
We got to Fitchburg at like 11 something and just went to bed because we had stuff to do the next day.

Saturday: We chilled around the house, the weather was so nice so I opened the patio door in the kitchen to let some air in. We got ready to go have dinner with his parents at the country club. When we got there, most people were already there, his grandparents even, his step brother and his real sister and her boyfriend were there. I really had fun at the dinner, it was a pre-Key west party too, cause most of the people there were also going on the trip to Key West with us. I can't wait. Now that I know his sister, I am even more excited because I really like her, and her boyfriend. They came to hang out with us for awhile after the dinner, which was awesome.

We hit up the Inferno after that, I had some yummy UV Vodka of course and I got nice and toasty. ;). Lot's of dancin' and fergettin about the war.

Sunday: In the morning I did my laundry and Daniel set up his new stereo and putzed around on the new computer. Later we went downtown to meet his parents at the Nitty Gritty and then we left from there and had some drinks at the UW Union. I was hungry so Dan and I decided to eat at this italian resteraunt, I forgot the name. It was beutiful, I felt like I should be dresed in Armani or something walking in there, cause it was so elegant, dimly lit, very antique looking. We had wine with his parents and talked for awhile. That was nice. Daniels dad also paid for our dinner AND let us have his nice ass car to drive back to my place in. Since Daniels car needed break work, they drove it to their house in Oregon so we would not have to take it so far. Man, I tell ya, I love sunroofs, made me miss mine, that car is like a newer version of mine. I miss it :(. SO yea...our drive back was more than comfortable, heh, I was bumpin' the stereo....hee hee. We put Oakenfold in and VNV Nation. Weeee!

SO tonight, I am going to the bar with Josha and his friend I don't know, I get off work at 7 and should be home at like 7:30. hmmm.... I need Josh's number again....

Emotion: calmcalm
You gots ta....

Tell me again ahead of time when youz guys are going to Inferno... I wants to take off of werk and goz with yaz all.

Shit DOG!

-Sexmaster Jones
(My "getto" name")


Re: You gots ta....

Depends on how good of music you want. Leather and Lace is O.K. Chrome S3 is as good as it gets at the Inferno. It will be a while until the next Chrome S3...we can keep you posted.

Re: You gots ta....

LOL.......hellz yeah, we are goin' this weekend again.....Dawwwwggg!

Porta Bella

The name of the restaurant was Porta Bella.