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My week is almost over....

Well, it's Tuesday...nothin' real important goin' on right now, I just can't wait to see my Daniel on Wed. at club?. Tonight I have to wait for Carrie to get off of work because she has to move in early due to her job ending tonight as of like 7 PM tonight.

So I will move things out of the way so she can get everything to her room easier. I also have to do some bathroom cleaning too. eeeww. Well, as long as no poopies get on me, that would be ok.

What else, oh yeah, crappy dentist tomarrow, at 10:15 AM, I gotta get to Marquette at about 10. Kyle is comming over tomarrow morning to get shit out of the garage, I gotta help him open the stupid door because the Cadilac next to my Lincoln is so big, it's caught on BOTH doors of the garage, one at each end. Damn, and I thought MY car was big. I wonder how the people downstairs got that thing in there....and I wonder why (it's not even theirs).

After the dentist, it's off to work. hmmmm I forgot that Carrie has two days off this week, cause she starts her new job at the Walgreens on Brady this Friday. I wonder what she will do all day.....probly end up at Johnny's house w/ Joshy and Nicky. I don't think I will get off of work early enough to go. Damn it.
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