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Movies, movies.......

Well, this long ass weekend is well underway, Thursday morning we got up at like 11 and I turned on the travel channel and watched rich people go on vacations. Then we got ready and headed out to our first movie, which was called "Red Betsy", we saw that one at the Majestic, which used to be a movie theatre, but now is changed into a night club, a very pricy one at that. The damn drinks were $6.00 a piece! my UV Vodka was at least, but it WAS a bigger size than the ones at club. The place was gorgeous though, all new lighting, fancy bar, there were lots of actors there and the former mayor of Madison. The movie was cute, a light, heart warming kind of film which was filmed all over Wisconsin. Later we went to another movie which was called XX/XY, at the Orpheum theatre down the block from the capitol. That place had a lot of history to it and it was huge in there! the movie was great, all about relationship and sex.....very awesome angles...etc.

Friday we saw our first movie at like 5 and it was cold and rainy standing in line.....but at least I had the new umbrella I bought at a cute store downtown. That movie was a foriegn film called "che wa seon" from Korea, it was awesome, beutiful shots of the country and the story held up nicely. Later we went for a fish fry and went back to Daniels place to find that his roomate was having a we chilled and talked until we had to leave for our other movie, which was also foriegn, but it was terrible, bad camera angles, shitty lighting and a really gay plot, it was about this chick who was a whore and ended up becoming a robot killing machine....god it was terrible. The soundtrack was good though, Chemical Brothers and other good techno I did not know the names of. When we got home the party was still going on and we talked for awhile again and watched that damn squirrel go "weeeee!" cause all these fucks have not seen it yet, though I have, about a thousand times at Jeffy's. hee hee.

Now I am sitting down here, waiting for Daniel to get out of the shower...there are people upstairs playing pretend with Daniels roomate Ryan. We are about to go to our next movie at 3:30 at the Orpheum.
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