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The rest of my week....

Saturday was great....we went to a movie at about 3:30 I think, it was damn cold standing in line on state street at the Orpheum theatre. the name of the Saturday movies were, "La France", which was a little hard to follow, but it was good, and then "Better Luck Tomarrow" which was excellent, that one did not even look like an independant film because it was so well done, perfect lighting/camera angles, lots of thought was put into the piece to make an impressive and cohesive whole. At the end of it the director and Roger Ebert talked about the movie and it's strong points and Roger asked Mr. Lin (director) many questions he had about the film and there was even time for the audience to ask questions too, it was a very interesting night. After that we went to a bar/dance club called the Cardinal. It was ok, I had fun talking to Daniel, AND I got a little tipsy too :)heh heh.....I know I was talking about wierd stuff, but I can't remember what...

Sunday we got up and ready for our last two movies of the weekend, this time we left early and went downtown because I wanted to buy something for Carrie at this cool little store, it was kind if an egyptian store, I got here a little round metal box w/ cool designs on it and little colored stones in the top. We were like late for our first movie, but they had problems with the projectors so we actually did not miss anything, which was good. We were also almost late for the last one too, but we made it in fine with like 5 minutes to spare.

I must say that was one of the most fun weekends I have ever had, staying with Daniel was really awesome, I wish I could have just stayed longer though...

Today I am at work, waiting for my lunch hour to start.....hmmm Carrie gets off of work tonight at eight and I get out at 5. I should go to my bank and then just come back home. Yeaaap...that's what imma do. Nicky should be comming over tonight after pretend I think, to hang out with Carrie..tee hee
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