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Liquor store!!!

Well, let's see now....Wednesday was awesome, I had a great time at club, my friend John Lee was there, he just recently turned 21, happy b-day John!! and it was his first time there, I think he really liked the music, and I even saw him dancing once, and he said he never dances!! :).
Carrie and I brought her friend Chris along to club, he is a cosmetologist, he actually went to that Vici beauty school, and he's straight....yup. He was real cool though, he's gonna color my hair black for me at his shop "the hair factory" on Downer. He's gonna do Carrie's hair too. It's gonna work out pretty good for us because we live so close.

Thursday I woke up and decided I would not go to work, I was supposed to get up at 9 and work till 5, but I said fuck it and went back to sleep. It turns out Nick was supposed to get up at eight that morning too, but when I got out of the shower at like 12:00, he had just woken up. We were just to lazy that day, I chilled with him and talked for awhile until he left to go home at like 2 or something. He had a real good idea I think I'm gonna do, he said to take everything off of my shelves over the counter in the kitchen and make that int o an alcohol storage thingy. He said I could out my wine glasses and bottles up there and it would look just like a little bar. It would! I am happy about that idea, cause I was gonna buy a liquor cabinet before he gave me the idea.

So tonight I call Jeffy to see what he is doing....Saturday I will call him. also on Saturday I have to go to my mom's and go look at another Lincoln I might purchase.

Carrie gets of work at 11 tonight, so I should see Nicky around that time too I think. Daniel will also be there tonight, and I can't wait to see my baby :).
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