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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]

Friday: Hmmmm...what did I do Friday...Oh yeah...I worked 'till maybe 5 or so, then I went home and did some cleaning around the house. Daniel informed me that he would be over late because of the crappy weather, so he did not get their until 11:55. Jeffy called to see if we wanted to go anywhere and we really were not in the mood to go to club like everyone else. Carrie got home at like 11:35 and she wanted to go w/Jeffy so they went and Daniel and I stayed to chill at home.

Saturday: I wanted to wake up early to go look at a car, but I ended up sleeping until 12 PM, I took a shower and waited for Daniel to get up, which was at like 1 PM. Carrie slept the longest, damn...that girl can really sleep, like forever, 10 hours sometimes! I can't sleep more than 7 hrs. or I'm doomed to be groggy the rest of the day. Anyhoo, I had a lot of energy to do stuff and I kept buggin' to get out of the house. So we went to the bank and I deposited my check into my savings and we took a peek at that car, I did'nt like the way it was on the outside, so I decided against buying it (I'm very picky W/cars). After that we went to The Outpost to get some groceries, went home to drop them off and then we went to see my mom so I could sign my tax papers. I saw my little step sister and brother who were at the house when we got there, Courteny is 7 and Ryan is 5. I love those kids, they always make me smile :). I wanted to stay longer, but we were due at OCB to meet Jeffy, Carrie and Alison. Good times were had, we talked about lots of stuff and ate some nasty food. That night we went to club and I had a MAD stomach ache from that damn place! but alcohol seemed to help and I saw Sara! yeay Sara :) she has been sick lately, so I have not talked to her in a while, and now she is better yup, yup....we are most likely going to Abu's for dinner before club on Wed.

Sunday: a very layyyyzy day, Carrie and Dan and I all sat around for the longest time, 'till like 4 and shit, just talking and reading stuff. Carrie likes looking at the Sunday paper 'cause of all the ads, she wants to buy things for the house. The cat likes to lick the paper......hee hee. At about 5 Daniel and I went to Louises on Jefferson downtown, a very nice place we went to with his parents once. The dinner was great, we had calamari and they even had lots of different kinds of tea for us to choose from. Dan's potatoes were damn good, and my Halibut rocked....I have to go there again.

Today I am at work, I went in late because of the stupid, gay ass snow. So now I am here until 8:30. My Daniel left today, and I will not be seeing him until next Wed. because he is going to Vancouver this Wed. to see his school and look at a place to live there. damn that blows....I cried after I heard him shut the door.

Emotion: disappointeddisappointed
Hold on sweetheart.

Oh, I am sorry to hear about this morning. I am calling my stepmom and we are going to make sure it is safe before we go. Thank you for sending me that info about SARS. Trust me, I don't want to get sick any more than you want me to get sick. If things appear to be bad we will not go. Now, I am starting to get worried. I have put so much into this whole thing. My dad has put even more into this. I mean this is my dream. This whole thing is the highest step on the latter I have ever gotten to. Right now, I don't know what to think. This was the last thing I could possibly imagine that would hinder my plans for this. I mean I have worked so hard to stay focused VFS, I am nervous now that the posibility might be taken from me. If it doesn't work out it doesn't work out. I can move on, it is just frustrating being so close and caught in limbo. I will keep you posted on the situation. In the meantime, keep your head up and I will try to do the same. I love you.

Hello angel, I'm ok, just a bit worried, I know this is a very big thing for you, I hope you guys will be ok, the airlines are checking everyone that comes into Ontario and Vancouver, so most likely, you will be checked too, or at least given information on what to do to be safe while in the country. If it gets that bad, they say they will not let anyone go over any borders until they know that the problem has been controlled (like they did in Europe years ago for the plaque). Personally, I think a good idea would be to stick everyone that has it in quarentine. No contact with anyone at all until it is under control, except for doctors in protective clothing. You know, like The Stand. Man, I wonder if it will come here.......who knows, with my immune system, maybe I will be one of the super healthy people that can help all the sick ones!!!


I think everything will be fine. I am staying positive. There are cases of it in Wisconsin already. But like Andrew said,"maybe this is the way God wanted it(he said it might be a fun way to anoy people...hehehe)." So, I feel very unprepared for every thing. But hey, I got here playing the cards that I was delt so that will be what gets me past all of this(you too).

Re: Nervousness

Holy shit! it's in Wisconsin? maybe I will lock myself in my house all day.